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Administrative procedures

The issuance of a hosting agreement by the institution allows the researcher from outside the European Union to obtain a short stay visa (less than 90 days) or long stay (over 90 days) valid as residence (VLS-TS) mention "scientific researcher" for entry, permit to stay and work in France. It is valid for one year, beyond which a temporary residence permit "scientifc- researcher" is required for stays longer than one year.
For nationals of the European Union, a passport or a valid identity document is sufficient to enter, stay and work in France.


  • Inquiries regarding the "scientist-researcher" status
  • Website of the Prefecture
  • Consulates of France abroad




The EURAXESS services centre may provide a personalized help to researchers for finding an appropriate accomodation, according to the duration of her / his stay, the composition of her / his family and her / his wishes in hotel residence, dormitory, apartment or furnished apartment.
We can also make the advance of the deposit required by the owner.
A surety is sometimes requested. It's systematically applied to all stays higher than 4 months in university residence.
A housing guide is at your disposal to better understand the specifics of the real estate system in France.
Télécharger le document pdf Download the housing guide (766 Ko)

Finally, an attestation of comprehensive home insurance will be required in most cases (except for stays in hotel residences or other forms of tourist accomodation). See § Insurances  below

Negociated offers

Preferential rates have been negotiated at the "ZENITUDES LA CITY" Residence.

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Booking by e-mail : .com (making sure to specify "UFC Rates" when you book)



AXA-ABC Assurances firm (AXA Group) offers, on presentation of the guest researcher card of some guarantees especially designed and negotiated by Alfred Kastle Foundation for foreign researchers and their families : supplementary health insurance, welfare, comprehensive home insurance, personal liability, school insurance and so on...
See the guarantees proposed by AXA 

The ALBINET firm offers home insurance : the amount of the fee is equal to 4% of the total amount of rental with a minimum of 15 € and capped at 500 € for a subscription tailored to the exact lenght of stay. The subscription is done online with secured payment by credit card, followed by the sending of the contract and the insurance certificate by e-mail to the subscriber.
Note : this warranty is deemed to be a warranty for resort stay but includes the same guarantees that home insurance (theft, fire damage, water...) as well as holiday cancellation insurance under certain conditions.
Information and subscription for stay less than 3 months

Information and subscription for stay more than 3 months 


If the researcher is employed in France, she / he will be affiliated to the French social security system and may in addition take out supplementary health insurance (see § Insurances)
To know more about the French social security system

If not employed, she / he shall subscribe privately to an equivalent insurance in their country or in France.

If she / he is an European Union's citizen and she / he contributes to the social security of her / his country, she / he should apply for a European Health Insurance Card before arriving in France.
Information and procedures (only in French) 


Opening a bank account is essential, necessary to receive her / his salary at least. Agreements with Société Générale Bank allow the researcher to open a current account in France for any stay longer than 6 months. She / he can also request a checkbook and credit card.
Contact in Besançon : Société Générale, Agence de Besançon Temis, 17F rue Alain Savary, 25000 BESANCON. Tél. 03 81 21 31 42, fax. 03 81 53 32 37  

A partnership is also being developed with Banque Populaire, Agence de Temis, Carrefour Sud Savary, avenue des Montboucons, 25000 Besançon. Tél. 03 81 83 64 74.

The existence of these agreements with these banking organizations and EURAXESS services centre of Franche-Comté University facilitates the opening of bank account for foreign researchers who are offered solutions tailored to their specific needs

It's necessary to make an appointment with the banks before the visit.


Income tax : if the researcher stays more than 6 months in France and she / he has a remunerated activity, she / he must declare her / his income and if applicable, pay taxes. Special arrangements have been made between France and many countries on taxation. Above all, we must ensure the existence of an agreement signed between France and the country of origin of the researcher to know the steps taken in taxation and in most cases, there are special for scientific work.
See the list of tax treaties

Housing tax : if the researcher rents a home on January, 1st of the tax year, it will be subject to the regulation of the housing tax, calculated on the basis of own housing and income criteria also. University residences are not subject to this tax.
Housing tax : how does it work ?   

French courses                                                                                                                                          

The "Centre de linguistique appliquée - CLA" of University of Franche-Comté offers a variety of  courses (intensive or semi-intensive) to learn French or improve knowledge of French language. If the researcher is employed by the University for a period exceeding 6 months, courses may also be offered as part of the program of ongoing training of the University for its staff.  


If the researcher stays in Franche-Comté with her / his family, the EURAXESS services centre can help her / him for the inscription to shcool for child(ren), accompany her / his spouse to fit better, advise on family benefits, leisure... 

For all these services, the EURAXESS services centre is at your disposal to help you and support you in all steps

To contact your EURAXESS services centre :

Université de Franche-Comté, UFR Sciences et techniques, Métrologie bâtiment DF,

16, route de Gray, 25000 Besançon.

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Tél. 03 81 66 58 15 - Fax. 03 81 50 11 03

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