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The EURAXESS Network

An European dimension

Within the context of the FP6 (Sixth Framework Program), this pan-European initiative brings together the European Commission and 35 countries, by lauching in June 29th 2004 a network based on the European research Area implementing Mobility centres that are today called Service Centres (formerly "Mobility Centres"). The EURAXESS - Researchers in motion" network (which was previously named ERA-MORE) aims to enhance careers of researchers by providing information on research careers all over Europe, individual assistance to researchers moving to another European country or returning to Europe as well as information about rights and commitments of researchers and research organisations. 

EURAXESS is divided into four areas :

- EURAXESS Jobs : is a cost-free recruitment tool where job offers and jod demands in the field of research meet

- EURAXESS Services : is a network composed of more than two hundred centres from 40 European countries. These centres assist researchers and their family to plan and organise their stay abroad.

- EURAXESS Rights : gives all information concerning the European Charter for researchers and Code of Conduct for their recruitment.

- EURAXESS Links : provides interactive web services to European researchers working abroad in order to keep them linked among themselves and with Europe 


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The national dimension

The French EURAXESS network, now incorporated into an association named "Association EURAXESS France", includes approximately 29 centres that are uniformly shared out throughout the country.

The Organisation of University Presidents (CPU in French, Conférence des présidents d'université), ensure the coordination of these centres. That makes possible to unite their actions and missions in order to optimise the welcome of scientists in our country.  Each centres provides to researchers and their family a personalized assistance, complete and adapted information relating to their professional and daily life during their mobility. The membership to the EURAXESS network allows researchers to get precise information (particulary at legal level) as well as a rapid spreading and application of new rules on the immigration laws. Therefore, the legal department frequently sends notes to each member and is often used as interlocutor in case of problem related to administrative formalities with consulate, embassy and prefecture.

The French EURAXESS network is structured according to four working groups :
- the "accomodation" group in charge of writing a
Télécharger le document pdf guide for accomodation (671 Ko)

works as well as on the other possibilites  than the rental lease
- the "communication" group in charge of the visibility of the French EURAXESS services centres
the "Alfred" group in charge of a national data-base on foreign researchers created by the Alfred Kastler Foundation (FnAK) and based on a voluntary subscription (obtaining of the Guest Researcher Card)
the "formation / information" group in charge of setting up a system of good practices exchanges and internal / external trainings.