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You welcome a foreign researcher...

She / He is a post-doctoral, researcher, visiting professor...

Holds a diploma equivalent to, at least, a French Master level, the institution issues a hosting agreement (convention d'accueil in French)
- Researchers from third countries (outside the European Union) can get a "scientific-researcher" visa allowing them to enter, reside and work in France without further formalities
- Researchers from European Union's countries do not need a visa to enter, reside and work in France : a valid identity document (passport preferred) is sufficient.

  She / He is a PhD student registered in France : 

Holds a diploma equivalent ti, at least, a French Master level, the institution issues a hosting agreement only if the institution employees her / him.  If the PhD student is not an employee, she / her arrives with a student visa. If the institution decides to salary her / him during the year, it should be noted that the student status does not allow to work full-time. The student is allowed to work at maximum 60 % of the annual statutory working time. When recruitment is for a full-time, a temporary work permit must be applied to the service of DIRECCTE. (Note : this does note apply to Algerian citizens. Algerian students are not allowed to work. A temporary permit work is required before reruiting an Algerian student and will only be valid for a period of work not exceeding 50 % of annual statutory working time)


There are also special cases of visa exemption for stays less than 3 months depending on the country of origin. You can read about theses features by consulting the
Télécharger le document pdf summary table (76 Ko)

In all cases, please contact your EURAXESS services center that will inform  you on the best procedure for each welcome and will accompany you throughout your project, before, during and after the stay. Rules evolves quickly, think to ask us !

A detailed guide is also available on the website of the Alfred Kastler Foundation.